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October 17 2011

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December 08 2010

You didn't call when you woke.
I slept until nearly five.
My mother screamed at me and now won't talk.
Chances are I won't get any sleep before I have work tomorrow.
I still have yet to hear from you.

You told me to believe you and I did.
But would you look at that? I'm disappointed again.
You made me happier tonight than he did.
You've been doing that a lot, lately.
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Would you get this tattood as a tramp stamp for me? I want to see that every time I bend you over.

Do you honestly believe you're getting better at not being selfish?
Because you couldn't be more wrong.

I shouldn't have to turn to other people because I can't fucking depend on you for anything anymore.
When did it become such a bother just to talk to me? If you think this is helping anything then we're completely fucked.
I let other people's emotions affect me far too much.

Of course you still don't want to call even though you told me you would.
Of course you still want to be away from me.

Of course you don't want to talk about it.
Of course there's nothing I can do.

Of course I'm rendered useless for fucking everything.
I've determined that everything goes to shit eventually.

I just want someone to prove me wrong.
Other than that, I'm alright.
We can get through this.
We already know what's wrong. We just gotta work on sorting it all out and fixing the problems.
We can do this.
This kind of sucks because as much as I know we need this time to ourselves for the next several hours, I still want to talk to you.
The second I see something interesting I want to share it with you. When I see something stupid I want to be able to make fun of it with you, but I can't.
God I'm such a faggot.

December 07 2010


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What's happening to us?
I miss you.
I miss the way we used to be.

I'm sick of talking about dogs and arguing about what one should be our first when we get our own apartment.
Tell me you want to fuck me until I can't take it anymore, and then keep going.
Tell me you want to make me scream from the soreness of my throbbing flesh.

Let me know that you still love me
Through mindless fucking and hard bites and sharp nails against my skin.
Just let me know that I can get you off the way

I once did.
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